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2015-03-17 08:16:27 (UTC)

my sis bday:( where is she now?

today is my sis bday no one has heard from her since she came to back into my life again. (i mean we have heard but nothing that new of course, she isnt talking to her family anymore and that now includes me now, i guess shes knows am not that by now. shes been gone for so long is like died all at once again). so today shes 23rd and i miss her so fuckin so much now lately i wish i was there where she has gone these days....its like im fighting myself against the wall of survive my flaws and hers. i never fought this way in so many months to leave me so alone. i hopping she have a good bday. i saw our friend that we both know well enough hasnt heard either. i just hope hears from her soon. she said was gonna be here when i need her the most somehow she had forgotten that am lost witout her.
happy bday once again i miss you