Story of a Girl
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2015-03-16 16:22:33 (UTC)

Dude's denying it

So my mom was picking me up from school today & we were waiting at the red light, trying to make a left turn. THEN THIS ONE DUDE FUCKING HITS OUR TRUCK. LIKE, WHAT THE HELL, MAN? I completely felt it because I was in the backseat by myself & I was on the side that got hit. I was staring out the window when I felt this huge bump & I saw something fly by the window, but I didn't get to see what it was. And then my mom was all like, "ALL HEEEEEELL NO." so then she changed lanes & went after the dude that hit us. So she honked her horn & they've been arguing for like 10 minutes now. The dude's saying that he didn't hit us because my mom was walking & I'm in the backseat like, "NO BECAUSE I FUCKING FELT IT. I SAW THE PIECE FALL OF THE CAR & NOW A PIECE OF OUR CAR IS ON THE ROAD."

So my mom's like, "Call 311 or 911 or whatever." But I don't really know how to dial or what to say so Briana did it for me, but they say we just need to exchange insurance information. I'm literally just finding out that metro won't come because it's a non-injury accident... OH. Good thing I listen to the radio sometimes because I just thought of that now.

My mom's still super pissed though. And the guy keeps laughing at her for bothering to call the police. Briana & the rest of the girls are just sitting here, going, "Oooooooh I woulda whooped his ass by now!" "With his ratchet ass flip phone." "Oooh, he cuban! He cuban fo sho." Thank god he speaks Spanish or else I would've been interpreting all of this.

And now they're taking pictures of the cars & they're arguing about who's paying money to who.


This is like my first almost kind of accident. No one's hurt or anything, but still. I've never been in a car & gotten hit by anything. So I guess this was kind of a cool experience... except it won't be very fun when it's actually happening to ME.

It's almost 5:30PM & I wrote this at like 2:36PM. My mom called the insurance company & they're giving her the right because he hit US, not the other way around as he's claiming it to be. My mom's on the phone with her padrino & apparently the GUY called HIM, so now her padrino is hearing two different stories. And now my mom's pretty pissed because her padrino doesn't believe her & isn't letting her speak. I can hear her from all the way upstairs, haha. She's all like, "MY DAUGHTERS ARE WITNESSES-- HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW HE CALLED YOU? LISTEN, LISTEN-- NO, I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THE MAN. I HAD NO IDEA HE CALLED YOU." Of course I could always defend her but her padrino would probably think I'm just forced to say that.

And yeah, he's cuban.

On a brighter note, my dad's taking me to buy new shoes to go along with my dress tomorrow, & my mom's HOPEFULLY taking me to buy the dress on Wednesday, if she lives up to her word. So... I'm gonna hold onto some hope. I'm getting closer to some friends so that's nice. And I'm distancing myself from Matt for a while because he's just pissing me off now & I'm not entirely too sure if I even want to be his friend anymore. It's totally fine because he's already distancing himself from me & acting like I don't exist so it's all good. I'm kinda upset with El, too, because I'm trying to help him with things & he's being a little shit about it. Dude, you're 17 years old. Act like it. I know you don't really like this stuff but it's just something everyone has to deal with at some point; you're just dealing with it a little sooner than most people.

Also, I don't really like my school's logic. We had a lockdown at school today because someone apparently spilled some chemicals in one of the hallways & cafeteria... so they made all the students come INSIDE the school, where the chemicals were. Great logic.


There's this really annoying kid who lives across my house and... He is one of the main reasons why I don't want to go to my school anymore. I know, I should just ignore him, but I CAN'T. He's everywhere! I hate that when he sees me, he'll go, "I saw your fat ass at home yesterday." I've grown tired of him, & I honestly just don't feel comfortable around him. No, I feel so unsafe because the dude carries a pocket knife with him at all times. If I see him pull up into his driveway, I beg my parents to let me stay in the car until he's inside his house. But then my parents just call me crazy.

And it's like, YOU DON'T UNDERSTAAAAAND. I can't just... I feel SO uncomfortable around him. I don't want to be seen. My mom parked in front of his house today & I got super annoyed & upset & she just doesn't understand that I want to be as far away from this dude as possible. I'm super upset that I have to spend the entire week at my dad's house because I have to deal with HIM. He was sitting behind me in class today & he kept stabbing my back with his pencil & kicking my seat. Then he stuck his fucking gum in my hair so I had my friend cut the hair off during lunch.

God, I hate that little son of a bitch.

OH YEAH. His parents once backed out until the street but they also hit our neighbors & I's fence. The neighbors didn't want to say anything about it because they're good friends with the kid's parents but my dad was pissed that they ran over our fence. My dad complained, of course, & his parents didn't want to pay for damages. It took a few months to repair because my dad needed to save up money & we were having financial problems at the time.

The kid's a jerk.

I'm still stressed as fuck & I need something to keep my head occupied... so I've been doodling all over my notebooks. So far, it's helped a little bit because I'm focusing on all the small details instead of worrying about any problems that I'm currently having. But doodling in my notebooks can only help so much. (Speaking of doodling, I've started drawing some things at home & I'm slowly getting back into drawing. I'm seriously craving oil pastel right now to recreate my best piece of "work.") We have spring break in two weeks, including this week, & I'm not going to be able to distract myself for an entire week. School has helped immensely with keeping my mind occupied & I'm gonna suffer when I get that week off... I would've never thought that I'd say, no, I don't want to go on spring break. It's gonna suck so bad. I'm thinking of binge watching CSI: Miami, or any of the CSIs, but I don't know. I'll have to find a good site to stream them on & I'll have to find other things to distract myself with because it's not going to help for very long.


I'm gonna go back to drawing & doodling. Writing out this entry definitely helped me cheer up a bit & it distracted me for a little while.


Indie rock & drawing are a GREAT combination. Yaassssss! (The piano collection of Disney songs is pretty great, too)