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2015-03-11 15:50:52 (UTC)


"Coyotes" by Modest Mouse (!!!!!!!! I like this song a lot)

Coyotes tip toe through the snow after dark
At home with the ghosts in the national parks
Mankind's behave like some serial killers
Giant old monsters afraid of the sharks

March 11, 2015 Wednesday 3:51 PM

!!!!!I'M EATING CAKE!!!!!!

Okay. I'm not really in a good mood so I don't know why I also feel happy.

(Bipolar Disor-)

Ah, shut up.

(Mixed episo-)

Shush, self, I'm not bipolar.


I was really depressed on Monday and missed school. Tuesday, I felt like shit, went to school anyway, and it was boring. Went to school today feeling a little bit better. In between teacher's words, I worried. I thought, "Do I really think for myself? Are my opinions really built off my own logic?"

  And so yeah. I'm still very worried about that. I worry I lack creativity, I worry that everything I produce is a rearrangement of someone else's work.

I worry so much. I worry that what I say is wrong, I worry that no one else thinks about this stuff, and I worry that I will fail. At what? Everything. I dunno. Now, I don't want to talk about it. I just want to sink into nothing and I kind of wish I still had cake but I ate it :(

Now I feel worse than I did when I began this thing. I don't know why.

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