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2015-03-09 16:09:14 (UTC)


Right okay then.

So I have a tutor in college that does not know how to do her job and not keep emotions away. She constantly talks about how much money she spends and that her dog is worth a lot and her fiancee has a great job. She splashes her money about in speech.

Not only that but last week she went off and was being picky about my work saying that the referencing was not good enough and that I shouldn't do this and that, which fair enough. But now this week I come into her lesson and she is asking for my Physics work as it is the deadline today and she hasn't give it me or even give me feedback on it. She said she will have a look for it but if she finds it then that will be my final submission.... I didn't even get the chance to get feedback off her I could have failed the lot for all I know but that is tooo much of a coincidence to me from last week. Way too much of a coincidence.

So I have decided to go and see the head of the department and put in a complaint because she has tried pulling this off before and now it's getting beyond a joke. She needs to do her job properly and if she doesn't like someone then tuff get on with your job like you are supposed to.

Nuff said
Had enough.

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