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2015-01-23 23:04:11 (UTC)

1/23/15 Friday

Breakfast buffet in hotel. It was good. Waiting for my luggage to get here So Don't Want Go anywhere. Might as well go do hair. Taxi to hair, he will be back. Got jacked color price, wasn't even top notch service. Pick me up. Hotel change. Private boat to Wang Lang market. Walked a long time trying to get to train station but got taxi at the end to go pattong. Watched not too good ping pong show, got ripped off. Tuck tuck back to hotel. Was a good day until we got back. He suggested going to sky bar but he looked high and tired. I got pissed when he said he wanted to leave and go buy food. Almost yelled at him right there. And he forgot the room key. Already not happy I gained hella weight.