A lady in the crowd
2015-03-09 03:10:10 (UTC)

When the Clock Strikes.

The clock struck 4:30 AM, meanwhile the moonlight shined at its highest peak. The sun hidden away beneath the invisible mountains. The only people who laid awake at dawn were the homeless who searched the city for recyclables, stumbling alcoholics who reeked of whiskey, the fitness maniacs, and the lovers who were up to no good.

I quickly snuck out of my home to be with my boyfriend. We were in luck because Sammy's parents were away at Mexicali. We decided to go to his house, because we knew we would have the entire house to ourselves. We laid on top of his comfortable bed, and proceeded to do our acts of pleasure.

Sadly, time slips away whenever you're having a fun time. He assisted walking me home, yet I looked at my phone and realized time is on the essence. I said farewell and gave him a soft kiss on his numbed out lips.

For the first time, I was the one who snuck into his house. Suddenly I became the one who ran throughout Calexico in six in the morning. Leaving my legs feeling sore from sprinting like a Gisele. I breathed heavily, as my heart pounded fiercely out of my chest. The way he massaged my back, how he moved his tongue as he kissed my neck, and repetitive memories on how he touched me, constantly replayed on my mind. At this momentum I realized that I needed him.

I arrived home at 6:55 AM. I smirked in satisfaction because I successfully got away with my scheme. I decided to take a cold shower to cool down my hot sweating body. The cold water was useless, my mind remained relentless. I can't stop thinking about him.

~Yours Truly,