2015-03-06 15:25:28 (UTC)


I Hope that we are enjoying a moment that lasts forever...Our peace of mind has endured many battles yet our strength is still intact, although we get caught in life storms always remember our times of relief, always...We seek peace and harmony yet suffer the worst, remember the times of relief to guide us yet to another victory, patiently we await...All we can do is hope for a new morning and continue among the people we love the most as family...Always loving and willing to lend a helping hand. Remember...we are dearly loved and have the blessings of this phenomena we call life...with patience we arise to yet a brand new day...And to know our love stands the test of time for everybody the same. trust, honor and faith will pull us through, always remember the purpose of your dreams will lead to prosperity and yes, harmony...always, remember...Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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