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2015-03-06 01:25:48 (UTC)

Need Help !!

Well I am still with my partner and have been for just over 3 yrs now (4yrs in a few months) it has been amazing.

There are some HUGE buts ..... they are ..... our families just don't get along ... not one bit and I totally understand that, I mean, who would want a family like mine... they are all lunatics and they have no idea what grown up means but yet they can tell everyone else to "grow up". Not only that when something goes wrong they all decide to join in and gang up (basically) but then they will slag each other off to one another ... yeah I totally get that most families probably do that because they don't agree with something they do or how they do things ... but nowhere near like mine do... they think everyone is out to destroy them and take people away from them .... Like me for example ....

I met my partner and I was so happy and everyone seemed really chuffed that I found someone that made me happy.... that was until they saw him because he isn't the average 19 year old teenager that are around these days, he is well spoken, smart and knows what he is talking about so I just think they felt belittled because a kid was using big words that even they probably didn't understand at the age of 15. It has got to a point that my other half won't even come into my house any more... even if there was no one in he just won't.

I have recently started college studying science to get into level 3 to study forensics and I am loving it and my other half was meant to go to another campus but then he got put at the one I was at.... my family went mad because they thought he was checking up on me and that he wouldn't let me have any friends if he was there with me ... even though they knew that he had a completely different subject to me and had a different timetable... Well that makes a lot of sense !!

My family is full of depressives and that is not an over reaction and depression isn't rare but it just get stupid with my family to the point where they got to far with things and blame things on something else. For example, my uncle split up with his girlfriend and he went on a suicidal rampage to the point where he admitted himself into and mental hospital and then escaped ?? how ?? then when I was going out my mom said she was on a late shift at work ... but didn't tell until I was nearly ready to leave so I said I would take my younger sister with me. She said that was fine. The next thing I know I have my na on the phone telling me I am selfish and all I think of is my other half and not my family ... and said that my uncle could turn up at my house and if anything happened to her son she would never forgive me.. it would be my fault and then my aunty come onto the phone and said I was a bitch and then repeated my nan and said if anything happened to her brother she would never forgive me ..... basically putting his death on my shoulders ... they actually said that they hope I could sleep at night..... this was the end for me you can't do that to someone EVER .. putting a death on their shoulders when it isn't even their fault. So I said I don't want nothing to do with either of them again and I haven't since.... my nan tried apologising but there was a but and she blamed it on the stress ... not good enough and I haven't spoken to my aunty since .. she hasn't even apologised.

A police officer even said if I wanted to get into the police force or forensics I would have to try and get out of this house ASAP because she feared that my mom and the rest of my family would try and ruin that because what she had heard and seen made her think they were like that ... well I'm not going to argue with that.. that's what they are like .. all of them. I can't wait to get rid of the lot of them and make something of myself but it is going to be hard to let some go but at the end of the day I can't do anything being here with them trying to control everything I do.

Even my other half and his family are suffering because of them because they just don't stop with the agro... I just don't know whether to leave my other half now because it's not fair and I do not know how long it is going to take me to get out of here .. and it won't be fair me dragging him with me with a family like mine. It's would just hurt him and his family have had enough... doesn't surprise me to be honest. Some of his family I don't think like me at all.... I know for sure that a couple don't but I am not certain on the rest but it just how they are with me that makes me think maybe.... is this really all worth it because I am staying with him because I love him but my family hate him and his hate mine and me .... I guess the question is ... is love enough????

Need advice on what to do.

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