A lady in the crowd
2015-03-04 04:56:55 (UTC)


I wished
For one dream to come true
Never loosing hope
Someday my chances would collaborate
All of these possibilities
were a reason to live each passing day of poverty.

An endless battle
murdering my disturbed mind.

Stop this mockery
Staying in the middle
is no longer an option.

You're an old man
Whose wisdom is lacking
I'm not to blame for your immaturity.
I can't bare having a temporary father
At least not in my World.

Sometimes we met people
Who give false hope
Giving wings including flight
Yet shooting right before
your about to spread your wings
Only to crush your heart
'The best of mockery
'The greatest mockingbird.

Fixing my hope up again and again
Until one day
You no longer can.

~Yours Truly,