A lady in the crowd
2015-03-03 05:54:19 (UTC)

Life is a Give and Take.

My heart raced over an unhealthy speed limit leaving my heartbeat pumping out of my chest. My grandmother bought me a Jeep blue liberty for my sixteenth birthday! After all of the trouble, all of the frequent migraines that I have caused, and all of the mistakes I have made, do I
really deserve such a reward?
"You're the daughter I never had, and it's because I love you,"
she said causing me to cry in tears of gratitude and pure joy. She has been teaching me how to drive. I drove to Imperial Valley mall and we bought floral dresses.

It's nearly impossible to imagine, yet within two years from now I will be applying to Universities; unbelievably I shall be planning to move far away from this comforting nest known as Calexico. Welcoming myself into an independent new kind of lifestyle. At times their may not be enough money to pay rent, nor will I have a caring grandmother cooking me breakfast each morning, will I have enough money satisfy my everlasting hunger? Who knows, but I will work in order to become a successful woman. Overall living life to the fullest has always been a give and take.

~Yours Truly,