The Days of my Life
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2015-03-02 18:08:45 (UTC)

I just had a good conversation that I needed..

I just had a good conversation that I needed from my cousin. I told her that I was having trouble sleeping lastnight because... I couldnt stop thinking about Adams actions with other girls in the past.
So I said to Adam, I hope we make it through together. His first reaction was move out then. What kind of person says that when you give them your all? And forgive them multipul times? Buy ALOT of stuff? Then I said at least I wasnt trying to get with a pregnant girl, a girl for drugs, and other girls. He said "Dont fucking talk to me" I said he was a jerk, why do you close me out so fast?! He said look what you called me. I said because of what you just said. "Move out then" He then closed me out and... passed out. My cousins words to me were...
Linda you should just leave, and you shouldnt have to deal with Someone who dosent appreciate you. I told her... She was right... (Plus lastnight, I cried myslef to sleep, all I heard from him was his snore :*(
So here I am now thinking should I really move away with this guy? Last couple of days. It didnt even seem like he has cared.
-He cuddles the dog more than me...
-I buy alot, get him whatever he needs
-I buy his drugs
-Borrow him money
-He has a past of cheating on me
-Im starting to forget why I love him