Story of a Girl
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2015-03-01 21:03:21 (UTC)

Good day at home

I think I get my hypocrisy from my mom. So, I'm the one who washes the clothes, right? My mom is ALWAYS yelling at me for taking so long to wash. I have very little clothes, but I also have three other siblings whose clothes I wash, & they wear a lot more clothes than I do. I also have to constantly wash my pep band uniform because of the games. I aaaaaaaaalso wash my shoes & jackets. In total, it takes less than 70 minutes to wash & dry everything. That's not too bad. It's a long time, I know... but my mom's worse. "NO DEJES LA PINCHA ROPA EN LA SECADORA." and then she proceeds to leave everything in the machines until midnight. My mom doesn't like me leaving the dryer to cool because it takes a lot of electricity to heat it up, so she's always asking me to stay on guard of the machine. I do. What about her? She fucking leaves everything in there & doesn't take it out until the next morning! I take it out within an hour! How is that any fair, just because it's her house? Jesus christ, woman, you are the hypocrite.

"Everyone has to wash their own dishes." I DO wash my dishes. Sometimes I don't because it either slips my mind or I know that I'm already on dish duty. But nooooope, that doesn't apply to her. How about we all just dump our plates in the sink & let Bianca wash them all for us? GREAT.

"Don't forget to turn all the lights off before going to bed." Okay, mom. I've turned every single light off & I'm roaming around the house in pitch black. But when SHE'S awake, it's like going downtown because you're blinded by light.

There's so many things she says but doesn't do, & these are just the few I could think from the top of my head.

I'm not really upset or anything. It just bothers me because I get it from her; I'm a hypocrite & I hate that about myself.

She's spent the entire day cooking & cleaning with bachata blasting on the stereo; why can't we have more days like today? If every day were like this, I'd be a hell lot happier living under her roof! These days are so scarce, really. She's only doing it because of the members of her religion coming to eat... How is it that my mom cooks better food for the neighbors than she does for her own children? I get that you're trying to impress them & all, but... we're eating shit. They get the whole gourmet meal. It just doesn't seem fair to me, y'know?

A few people have arrived & Guy's family is outside eating with those that are here. Actually, it's RAINING, so I'm in a GREAT mood! It's chilly, too, so I'm just... sigh. Good day today! My mom made carne asada, pupusas, arroz rojo con tocino, & pescado empanisado. She also bought Manzanita... Mmmm! God, I fucking love manzanita. She's also blasting El Mechon, La Negra Tiene Tumbao, & some bachata, still. Tons of Aventura & Prince Royce. Some Marc Anthony, too.

Guy & I are listening to some Three Days Grace & it's pretty chill. Just eating inside, listening to music, & enjoying the day together. I forgot how much I really enjoyed his company. Also, we have proficiency testing tomorrow & the rest of the week... As sophomores, we have to take them in May or April, I think, but we apparently have to take the science one THIS week instead... But science is always for juniors. It makes no sense. And, uh, we have no idea if the science test is taken on Monday or Tuesday, or in what room we're supposed to be in. We don't even know if Monday is a regular school day for us because some rooms are gonna be occupied for testing. We're kind of screwed at this point. I mean, we can always just go to the office, but the office people always bitch at us for whatever reason. Plus, we have to wake up earlier to get there & ugh. Nobody likes waking up earlier! But yeah, we're screwed. I've been trying to find someone who knows the schedule but my friends are all juniors that passed their proficiencies, so they don't give a shit about the schedule. I tried emailing the office people but nine hours later & still no reply. I'll probably just have to wake up earliers so I can look for a schedule in the hallways, IF they're still up. Bleh. It's nothing that I should worry about too much, but the worst scenarios come to mind. I'm just hoping that I don't get placed with people who share a similar surname. There's this one kid who's last name is similar to mine & I WILL cry if I'm placed in the same room as him. He's scarred me pretty badly. Matt also shares a similar name... but I won't mind if he's in the same room because he's actually NICE to me. It'll be awkward, but I can handle it. Oh well. I'll just have to wait for tomorrow morning to find out... Hopefully it's a regular day. (I'm gonna check the school's twitter, instagram, facebook, pininterest, google accounts to see if they post anything relating to proficiency testing tomorrow)

Also, I'm kinda pissed at Elías for being so stupid. He was out drinking with some friends last night. Apparently, he felt like he was being watched but it wasn't because of his medication; a group of girls were watching him from the corner. So one of the girls came up to him & gave him & Cristiano a drink. He said he was doing completely alright until they left the bar & he passed out before even getting into the car. And he doesn't remember anything after that. Cristiano, on the other hand, was totally fine & didn't experience anything until today when he just blacked out in the shower... I'm glad they're still breathing & all, but they should've been more careful. They could've DIED. Jfc.

He knows better than to be drinking & Cristiano knows that he needs to keep the alcohol locked up somewhere.

It's like 9:04PM now & my parents are still "partying" outside. I've gone out there like 3 times to get food & I feel pretty fat. (I was supposed to start my diet today but Briana forgot about it so I'm starting next Saturday) It's still raining & chilly, so I'm pretty psyched for tomorrow; the smell of rain in the morning is the best! They also started a mini bonfire outside in the backyard & everyone's having a good time. Now, if they could turn their music off because I AM TRYING TO SLEEP AN HOUR EARLIER. This is what I get for not looking at the fucking proficiency schedule.

The best feeling in the world is when you get to sleep at the end of the day on freshly washed blankets that smell clean. Oh my god, yes.

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