A lady in the crowd
2015-03-02 04:12:09 (UTC)



The snakes are slithering
Trapping me in their well established grip
Slowly suffocating my throat
'Finish me off, I've succumbed long ago!
Make me suffer in the worst possible manner
As I take my last breath,
This is the end.

Should I feel frightened or overjoyed?
At last I've been given an
opportunity to flee from
such a diabolical World.

Suddenly time ticks in the slowest motion
This abandoned garden spins and spins nonstop
I've been stripped down naked
Ripped away home and taken away
from my beloved family
Everything that once mattered has been destroyed.

As a child I found myself
In blinded happiness
Coming up with new
optimistic perspectives
Happily painting pretty portraits
As a young artist in training.

These false colors are beautiful
Comforting and warm
My preferred fantasy

Meanwhile the truth
Has always been
cynical and evil
I've opened my eyes
To an inhumane World

That wouldn't mind abandoning
'Let me be gone.

~Yours Truly,