My Chemical Love
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2015-02-27 14:49:24 (UTC)


I wish i could figure out what i want to do. even as a sophomore all the adults I’m surrounded by ask me what my future plans are. I don’t know! I know that i really like writing and journalism but I’m also really like chemistry…someone suggested i write for one of those scientific magazines. i want to do something that will make people feel though! i want to take pictures of wars and i want to write stories about real average people! i want to take the people who are considered small and make them big! and then theres the other side of me that just wants to lock myself in a closet with a microscope and study palladium.

update on my last post: he realized i was upset and we ended up arguing about it. he thought it was no big deal. i felt like he was cheating on me. it ended up with both of us crying and now neither one of us are going to his dance. were fine now though. texting him right now in fact.

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