A lady in the crowd
2015-02-27 07:44:27 (UTC)

Learning The Game.

Learning The Game.

Years ago,
Before learning the game
Times were different
He once carried
bright eyes
shimmering with light

Out of the blue
She came along
Walking along Yellow avenue
breezy fresh shorelines
She held a pair of
Beautiful light brown
colored eyes.

He fell for her classic style
Her angelic face and unique smile

'Scratching his knees
he bleed in pain
Begging for mercy
Pleading,"oh please!"

Loosing his identity
Dignity and pride
All for what he stood for
Love made him mad
Taking a great fall under a lure of
irresistible temptation.

As she told him,
"You're the only one I'm thinking of."
That's when a boy is learning the game
She's an angel
An angel
who loves to lie.

~Yours Truly,