A lady in the crowd
2015-02-26 05:05:17 (UTC)

It's a Trap!

As she strived harder than ever before her daily labor begun to pay off. Days passed like flowing water in a river, and it looked like the gigantic puzzle of life all began to add up. Suddenly everything is going right, how languish.

Life has grown into a glorious empire, as I lazily sit on my throne floating above comforting clouds. Perhaps if heaven existed then maybe, just maybe, this is what it would feel like.

Yet where has adversity, dogma, sweat, stress, and corruption gone? Anything may go wrong. Perhaps it's a trap! Where I become overly confident leading my empire into decline. Success or failure, wealthy or in poverty, I must keep my noble heart alive. For today, I have more than a billionaire, because I am blessed with a good health.

~Yours Truly,

Remember to appreciate the little things :)