My Chemical Love
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2015-02-26 01:48:56 (UTC)


he's taking another girl to his dance. i could care less that he's taking another girl what makes me so angry is that he didn't even tell me!!! I FELL ASLEEP ON FACETIME AND HE WAS TALKING TO HIS COUSIN AND TOLD HER ABOUT IT! i wouldn't have known if i hadn't of been just laying there pretending to be asleep so i could listen to him talk for a few more so hurt and angry and i feel really betrayed. i missed my previous dance at school because i felt like if i went with another guy i would be betraying him and it felt too much like cheating on him just thinking about i and he admitted that it would have upset him...and then he turns around and goes with a STUPID LITTLE SIXTH GRADER (No offense to sixth graders she's just super annoying and bitchy) TO HIS DANCE! AND HE DIDNT EVEN BOTHER TELLING ME HIS GIRLFRIEND OF NEARLY 8 MONTHS. i get that he doesn't have to tell me every single thing he does but if your going to a formal dance with dresses and ties and stuff then I'm pretty sure you should at least let your girlfriend know...once again i say i wouldn't have a problem with this i only he had told me...and he wonders why I'm upset...

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