A lady in the crowd
2015-02-25 06:23:22 (UTC)

I Keep It all to Myself.

Consequently, there are nights where a part of me sees a worthless person in the mirror. For starters, no matter how much I may have succeeded I will still see myself as someone who is a waste of everyones time.

This is one of my largest insecurities that I have dealt when involving my twisted mindset. I despise words such as, “Could have, almost, especially: what if,” yet I myself am a hypocrite since my mind constantly uses this vocabulary. As if my confidence diminishes,I see myself as weak clumsy child who does not know any better. During late nights before I am about to drift off to sleep I tend to do anything in my hands to overlook my past. A part of me will always believe that I could have done something about it. Perhaps my entire life may be different if I made one minor decision. It is a constant war against depression and optimism. I have to remind myself that the only power I have is in the present not in past failures.

~Yours Truly,