A lady in the crowd
2015-02-24 06:09:43 (UTC)

Ladies Of The Evening.

Ladies Of The Evening.

Come and find Marilyn
Temptation lures
wandering men stumble drunkenly into a hen house
Typical late night in Las Vegas.

Dozens of beautiful evening Woman
stand perfectly aligned at street corners
The main pimp is near
Watching closely,

Relentlessly searching for profit,
'An easy con,
A fallen woman accepts
Whatever is given
She's known to be a
One penny hooker
for various reasons.

They tried to convince her
go to rehab
Yet Marilyn refuses to go
Her drug addict mentality
Says no, no, no.

She'll lose it all
Her freedom,
Her job,
Her unique lifestyle that's been
Amounting since the young age of nine.

~Yours Truly,