A lady in the crowd
2015-02-23 07:25:26 (UTC)

A Weekend With a Twist.

Saturday mornings 5K Alejandro race went marvelous. Most of our track team ran and we strived throughout the entire journey. I did well but I felt as if I didn't give it my all. As if I could've pushed myself a little bit farther. Tragically, Asteraid vomited after she passed the finish line. Her enthusiastic personality blossomed in which she overcame her nausea and admitted that it was worth it!

I decided to visit my family from Mexicali, and I stayed throughout the remaining weekend. Two of my close friends came to visit, despite having fun, what made my day was Sunday morning. I spent the entire day with Sammy. We watched Death note, went out to Galleria's with my mother to eat pizza, and ended up cuddling on a green couch. Something that left me in shock would be that he says he needs me. Causing dozens of questions to flutter on my mind.

~Yours Truly,