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2015-02-20 20:09:09 (UTC)

Things That My Teacher Says A Lot

"Jesus Christ" by Brand New

February 20, 2015 Friday 7:09 PM

THINGS THAT MY FAVORITE TEACHER (Mr. Sandwich, Ceramics. Also our painting mentor for Olympics for the Visual Arts this year. Me and Laney are a team again) SAYS ALL THE TIME

1. "Really?" - sarcastic as fuck, ok

2. "Dead ass" and variations such as "dead to the a" or "dead *insert other word here*"

3. "Go to hell" and variations such as, "Go to shroom" or "go to heeeeeeeeeeeeeeell"

4. "Rodney *insert his last name here*" I think he has fun saying such a whimsical name


HE'S JUST LIKE ETHAN, OH MY GOD. Although I don't think Ethan would like me saying that. Mr. Sandwich is good friends with my sister and Ethan. He even remembered that last Wednesday was the day that Ethan's sister had been dead an entire year. I felt like I should've remembered that. She wasn't my sister but I do vividly remember that day. Death is weird and she was a neighbor who I'd been in the general vicinity of since I was a kid.

But anyways, he has the same fucking mischievous look in his eyes and he has a similar personality, too. That's probably why I like him, actually. I tend to like smart, clever assholes. Dunno.

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