Living in my Igloo
2015-02-18 23:09:39 (UTC)


So after being ignored a couple days ago on Skype (that whole situation), John messaged me to see if things were okay and I told him no and that stuff, as I've said previously. But it killed me because he was all like "have I ever done anything to hurt you? Because if so I am so sorry. I would hate myself if I ever hurt you and couldn't forgive myself." I felt so bad and couldn't tell him that he has hurt me before. I kind of hinted at it but didn't want to get into it or let him know. I hinted because he was saying how he didn't think he hurt anyone because he apparently doesn't make mistakes like that- where they hurt those he cares about. I said that everyone makes those kinds of mistakes and it's okay. He didn't rely to me. And I messaged him today and he hasn't replied either. So much for "I never ignore you" and "I always try to include you" and "you're one of my best friends and I love you so much". Thanks.

On another note, ughhhh. I have a Econ test tomorrow which I know absolutely nothing about and my bullshit Stats teacher decided to give us a test for tomorrow too. We've literally spent only 3 days on the chapter- one of which I wasn't there for because of band. And now she expects us to take a test. No one knows how to do it. I don't know how to do it. Well I'm going to guess that tomorrow will be a shit day- failing 2 tests which will remind me how much I normally do fail at life. Sigh.

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