The Real Me
2015-02-18 15:18:03 (UTC)

What is love?

I was recently asked. "how do you know a certain person is the ONE". I answered "You don't" There isn't any rule and thats the thing, when you feel so crazy you ignore every warning sign out there and allow yourself to be open and vulnerable to getting hurt because the alternative is never knowing how it could feel to love and be loved by this person. At first it is an infatuation, an instant connection, fireworks, chemistry and in those moments your convinced you want that person, you are determined to get them and break every "dating rule" out there. After some time you see their flaws and they see yours and thats when you make the real decision, can I accept them despite their flaws? If the answer is yes then i think that begins to turn into "love". The truth is you know that there is something special there because you defy every human instinct in your body to be with this person- when that happens you know because you don't even have to be told to "never let this person go" you yourself cant do it.