A lady in the crowd
2015-02-18 10:01:57 (UTC)

It All Begun With,'Hello.'

It All Begun With, "Hello."

We said hello at past time one
All my errands for the morning done;
As we spoke about our day
The World began to fade away.

To our highest hopes,
Our deepest fears
'You foreshadowed a beautiful future
Tragically I did too.

With the clock ticking
We laughed as if we'd never stop;
At midnight we wandered abandoned City parks
We parted ways at sunrise.

Never saying goodbye
Another hello had always awaited for tomorrow.

I angrily turn away without any motive
Probably giving the impression of hatred.
But no,
it's only panic
My knees are weak,
My gut prevents me from saying hello

My curiosity murders my mind
Dozen of ways on wandering
what it would be like
to simply be his friend

Every once in a blue moon
I discover courage
To smile and wave with curtsy

Then again I never said my farewells
So what stops me from saying Hello?
All I know is that,
it's a shame
to be a timid deer
Who finds any way
to run away.

~Yours Truly,