A lady in the crowd
2015-02-17 06:17:32 (UTC)

A Simple Kind Of Lady.

Even the most expensive luxurious materialized objects can't manage to entertain me nor make me smile. Money matters, and it's nice to have nice things, yet it has always been the simplest things that bring me happiness.

At last, Uncle Bill has arrived from Atlanta Georgia's military base. Bringing Inocencia, Bills mother, health back to normal. Her best medication has always been knowing that her son has come home from Vietnam in one piece. This doesn't change Inocencia's relentless hatred towards Bills wife. Elena has always been a witch under her eyes, and even the most generous fake smile can't hid such a damnable glare. I know my grandmother well, and I have never understood how my she may act so heartless and cruel; she's a loving social butterfly. It doesn't add up, unless if she were to have extremely good motives behind her repellent disliking.

I invited my boyfriend, Sammy, to my house on Valentines day. My Uncle Bill interrogated him; examining him from head to toe. His overall impression is that he's a good guy; which is wrong, he's an amazing wonderful gentlemen. My grandmother told me to invite him to a party that we were hosting for late Saturday night. I wanted him by my side, but I their are situations when things are out of my power. Where things won't the way I imagined it. His schedule was bulked because he had Mariachi Serenates that he had to attend. On bright side, all relationships need a healthy amount of space.

~Yours Truly,

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