deanne and Connor

our dialog
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2015-02-16 15:38:16 (UTC)

Reporting as ordered.....


Thank You so much for the lunchtime interlude! It was SOOOO good to spend time together today when i was alone and free to act and react to You. i hope You enjoyed my service and that You returned to work with a smile. i am guessing You may have had an extra cup of coffee this afternoon! :-

So on to the reason of this message. As instructed after You left i made my way to the bedroom and laid down with my vibe. Frankly i didn't end up using it much, more my fingers after a minute or two. i had a robe on during our visit and found it restrictive when laying on it, even open, so after a minute or so i got up and removed it.

my fantasy was a simple one. i greeted You at the door during Your visit home for lunch. i was scantily dressed and had Your lunch prepared on a plate, and offered You lunch or me......and guess what You chose!? :-)

i helped You out of your coat and unzipped Your pants and freed Your cock so i could please You. i dropped to the floor and took it into my mouth and sucked up and down, licking, swirling, bobbing and watching Your face contort and see You smile at times as i performed for You.

While i pleased You i imagined fingering my clit and lips with one hand while holding on to Your cock and stroking a little while i sucked with my mouth.

Needless to say the fantasy ended with You exploding into my mouth and moments later i exploded (both in the fantasy and here in real) in my own orgasm. my legs were propped up, knees bent and feet on the comforter and my pelvis was gyrating around during my orgasm. It was heaven....xoxo

Thank You again for coming home to spend time with me.

i hope You have a good evening.

Your loving whore,


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