deanne and Connor

our dialog
2015-02-16 11:36:35 (UTC)

My orgasm

Good morning Master,

i had a little time to pass while waiting our lunch visit and thought i would write. Last evening when i went to bed i still was very aroused and it didn't take much coaxing to get him in the same mood. i began by teasing and rubbing my fingers across his chest and through his hair and eventually lowered down his tummy and caressed his cock until it hardened. i snuck under the covers and took him into my mouth and soon he had pushed the covers back and was watching me suck and bob on him. my mind was not completely there as i was thinking of You and how much You like to be sucked.....and how much i enjoy doing it for You.

Soon he pulled me up and we kissed and fondled a bit before he placed my cunt atop his cock so i could lower myself on it. i rocked and grinded for some time with my palms pressing on his chest for support and his hands groping and kneading my breasts.

He then pulled me off and moved me further up so i was squatting over his face and he proceed to lick me. i like this position because it gives me control over the movement and pressure and it took just a few minutes for me to have a tremendous orgasm -- and yes i was thinking of You.

i was at that point gripping the top of the headboard for support and after my spasms subsided i rolled over beside him and cuddled for a few minutes. He then slide between my legs and penetrated me with no effort or resistance. i don't think it took more than 20 thrusts and he came deep inside me, panting and nibbling my ear.... :-)

Needless to say it was a nice ending to a long day needing that orgasm!

Much love,