A lady in the crowd
2015-02-15 08:40:54 (UTC)

Pushing People Away.

Pushing People Away.

Shelly's only twelve
I'm enable
To mock a pain
That I haven't endured

She'll comes near
asking me to
Read her palm

'Are you sure you want to hear this?'
'I really do, go ahead.'
Listen, really listen.

Tell me,
How many times have you
said I'm fine with shaky fingers
And bloodshot eyes?

Bursting into tears
She cried
"One too many times."

Don't bother trembling nor crying
I don't feel pity
No matter how tragic your life is
Call me cold, Here have my honesty.

You're twelve
rather naïve
Having a lot to learn
You my friend,
Won't experience growth,
you'll diminish.

An early drug addiction
and path of alcoholism awaits
Your reason, or motive,
I call it a poor excuse
Is this how a coward enjoys coping with adversity?

You're future is dim
You'll push the one
whom loves you away
You'll marry the one
whom you hate.
All because you've been betrayed.

Sally you always like to win,
Todays not your day
Because you've given me
The power to crawl under your skin
My words give you anxiety.

You may do as you please
The probability is small
Very microscopic,
You may change your mind
Prove me wrong, no one may force anyone
to become worthless,
That is an option.

Take a gander
Make me gasp
By succeeding in life.

~Yours Truly,