Games of Life
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2015-02-12 00:13:55 (UTC)

just a dream

The house was bright and we were having so much fun. As soon as the movie ended, the boys went a little bit crazy. They started screaming and singing and opened the door in order to be sound in the hallway of the building. Amused as I was, tried to get them inside to keep them from waking the neighbors up. God this man never shuts his mouth. The weird part is that he’s never annoying. I love listening to his voice. The first one got in and I closed the door turning my back against it when him, the other one, finally decided to enter. He stopped talking or whatever some call it singing and he was so close to me that I could hear him breathing deeply. I wasted no more time pressing my lips on his. The feeling was like no other. It was like there was nobody in the room. After all the others couldn’t see us because of the wall there is between the entrance and the kitchen and living room. The touch was soft and a little wet. It made me feel so special, my heart beat so fast and my stomach turned into knots.
Too bad it was just a dream. 11/2/15