The Rat

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2015-02-11 21:18:04 (UTC)

Jill making me feel better

"you always underestimate the power your presence has over people

you make people laugh and you are a strong support


when people listen

you have so many good things to say. and you’re great at giving advice and presenting different viewpoints and being intuitive and helping people

and i think you’ll use that to do big things

i also think your creativity is impressive

i think that you are genuinely kind and caring

and you always have people’s best interests in mind and are genuinely selfless

you’re good at being able to tell who is deserving of your kindness and trust and you’re good at not enabling people

i can’t imagine life without you

i know i’ll never meet a single other person like you

and you do incredible things for me in my life but you do incredible things for others too and all your friends love you so much

you are unforgettable

and you try hard and put lots of effort into the things you care about and the things you don’t, you don’t waste your time

i like that

there are so many admirable things

about you

that you don’t see i think

or that you don’t give yourself credit for

you’re such a great friend bumble

and you’re dedicated to everything you do and your work and people notice it

you get things done

and you’re getting so much better at positively coping with difficult times and moments in your life!

and i’m so proud!"


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