A lady in the crowd
2015-02-11 06:20:16 (UTC)

Dear Runaway Man.

Dear Runaway man,
Why did you run away?
Meanwhile It's midnight
As I relentlessly search outside of my window
Wishing to see a signal of light
Yet I've found nothing
Only old rusted
Ivory on a cold winters night.

What a delight,
To be by your side
In the end
I stand alone
As an abandoned solitary.

'You've left
'You're not coming back!

At least in the end
I'm able to say
I've tried my best
To met amends,
To teach you morals
Integrity, how to be a simple noble man.

I'm incapable of changing a savages core.

My red blood stained lips
Have the dignity to say
I've done all one can do,
I've tried my best to
I have done everything
In my hands,
To change the ways of a
Runaway man.

~Yours Truly,