2015-02-10 17:16:13 (UTC)


Complex compliments.

NCP compliments is starting to get a little bit boring for me. I love running the page and all but what's the fun if everyone knows who you are? The only man candy I enjoy now is Khan and Naeem who sit a table away in astronomy. I was going to sit with them the first day of school, I remember, but I'm pretty sure our seats got reassigned. Sam Roth isn't that bad.

I don't think I understand how I feel anymore. I forgot to get a crush can for last week and now I'm regretting it very much. I mean, I'm pretty sure I never get any crush cans anyway since a few upperclassmen left but...I still should've sent one in. I was hinging on a long time for it to be Sam Cervantes but I'm not sure if I even like him enough. It's fine. We're getting the Crush Cans tomorrow. Isn't it funny that traditionally every year I complain about the crush can?

Meanwhile, Timehop is reminding me about how bad of a person I was, everyday. Basically. I'm getting tired of pretending like I'm happy. For once, I want to feel like I'm smiling so hard the smile leaves imprints on the corners of my mouth. I also made a poem slam on my facebook not too long ago that describes how I feel basically, and it just says something mostly like "Please, for the love of fucking God, do not use me as a board to test out your feelings." A lot of "straight" guys need to learn that. Naeem's voice is so sexy lol. I want to hug him from behind. I've already hugged Khizar from behind. I wonder if he thinks that I still think he's important.

I went to see this year's musical, Once Upon a Mattress. Worst mistake of my life, best performance I've ever seen, yet for some reason I was bawling at the end. I felt a tinge of jealousy and depression, everything that happened at Wendy's was practically not worth it at all. I mean, sure, I had fun hanging out with Shaun and stuff, and we were together for just a short time. But... it still wasn't worth it. And he wants to buy me a Valentine's Day gift!

I should've not wasted my time this year. Especially since now I'm playing catch up with Sabor, Passion, and Indian as hell week culminates into talent show, dance show, and then now...i-night.