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2015-02-10 06:33:39 (UTC)

A One Shot Opportunity.

"Just like any other adolescent I am frightened when completing my first scholarship application. I cringe in the fear of rejection."

At the time, I was a five year old child whom obsessively wrote in a journal. I began writing stories, poetry, and playwrights. Before I knew it, I had completed notebooks that began piling up above my bookshelves. Writing has always fascinated my intuition and I find it necessary to consistently practice literacy. I am an open minded individual who is willing to learn new concepts. However, living in a small border town minimizes my chances in publishing my work. Despite taking an Honors English course, our small community tends to blur out the importance of writing. We have not focused on any genres such as screenplays, comics, site-specific works, or digital literature. My main motive for being part of UCSD’s residential program is to explore writing forms and styles, and to grow in Innovative Writing Across Media.

I have visited this marvelous campus, and I enjoyed the tour that was given. It left my mind lingering and in a state of wonder. I greatly admired it’s architecture, which made me feel flabbergasted by Geisel’s campus library. I am able to imagine how wonderful it must be to read and study within those great halls. My curiosity also aroused in the majors that are offered, causing my mind to store dozens of unanswered questions. I wish to have this experience, in order to understand whether I will want to enroll in this beautiful University.

There is a humungous gap between being interested and showing commitment. Of course I am interested, yet I shall also show my full commitment. I give my word in being fully devoted; in being hungry and driven. I hope to learn from new experiences and grow in academic pursuits. In conclusion, I firmly believe that I have the capacity of meeting the qualification to be accepted into UCSD’s upcoming Summers residential program.

~Yours Truly,

Authors Note: It's essential to visit my campus's college access center. Above all I would sincerely appreciate feedback from my readers too!