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2015-02-09 23:11:15 (UTC)

He leads me...

Why does he love me so much? There are days when I don’t have any money and somehow I get by. It has been an incredible journey. He goes ahead of me and prepares the way for me. I am a living testimony to his grace. I start a new job today and in 5 minutes I know it is exactly the role I need and much better than my previous role. To imagine that my contract was not renewed and that can me the opportunity to seek another role which is much better for me in terms of my skills and knowledge and what I would learn even more.
On self development I need to try and not shout when ‘discussing’ with people. I had a bit of a ‘discussion’ with my neighbor yesterday and I now feel that I raised my voice a bit too much. I shouldn't be doing that, even though I think the guy is a very stupid man. I wouldn't bore you with the details.

I have set myself a six months target for my life. In six months I have to have started running my sport and financial trading business otherwise I would ensure I get a good role that is much well paid than what I am getting now. It is a travesty when I look back at how much I have earned over the years and I am still in financial difficulties. I am very disappointed in myself but it it never too late to start again. This is what I am doing. If I don’t start the business in 6 months I would also go into academia and study mathematics