My Chemical Love
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2015-02-09 15:47:10 (UTC)


Lisa (my evil step bitch) made me so mad this morning. they have a rule that we can't have our phones after 930 on school nights and I'm chill with that but when you take my phone and hide it so i can't find it in the morning oh my god no. i needed my phone to let emma know i couldn't give her a ride to school this morning and lisa didn't care. then she had the nerve to make me late to first block by making me sit there and listen to her yell at me about being "fake" and "manipulative" all because yesterday i told dad i didn't want to go to the store with him because i had cramps then laid down with a heating pad.

ANYWAYS. rant about step bitch over! XD so I've had such a busy couple of weeks. Ive had guard and yearbook and gateway programs and reading to little kids and not to mention classes (*totally isn't failing geometry* whoops.) WE GOT SECOND AT OUR FIRST GUARD COMPETITION! which is really good for first competition! XD also I'm editor-in-chief of northmennews website now! I'm so excited for next year when i officially take over!
anyways i have to go back to class now so ill write more later..maybe..probs not.