A lady in the crowd
2015-02-08 07:33:28 (UTC)

An Empty Desk.

An Empty Desk.

I criticized his every move
Mocking his presence
Each time he gazed into a mirror
Causing the marks on his skin
Torturing Jimmy mist's bones
Placing his hand above an ancient stove.

Cooking his flesh
Converting to cannibalism
Jimmy wasn't crazy
His life is just
Crowded with unsolved problems

Piling up all at once
He can't help screaming
Crying out in mercy
Reaching his hand out in liberty
Towards an empty sky
But he's not worthy
he's only Crazy Jimmy.

Only an additional empty desk
Only a boy
who tied a lace of cheap rope
One more who
created a twisted version of hang man.

~Yours Truly,