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2015-02-07 21:34:41 (UTC)

Not sure what to think or do

Dear diary,
Today I recieved an email from an unknown person. The email contained messages between my man and another woman. I am not the jealous type at all. He has so!an friends as I have male friends. It is not the fact that he was messaging her (on Facebook messenger) it was the start of the conversation.
He said "hey how are you? Where your sexy friend at. You know I want her sexy ass. Did you tell her?".

woman responded " yes I told her.".

His response " what she say?".

Woman response " she talking to someone right now."

His response "oh OK"

Then they start to talk about other things. Things they did that day and so on. So I get this email with this whole conversation in it. I tell my man that I received this email and I ask him about it. He gets mad at me and doesn't want to talk to me about it. Comes and drops off my keys and leaves. He tells me that he was joking with her and if he wanted to talk to either one of them he could. I am not sure what to think about all of this. He says to me that he is not going to talking like that anymore on Facebook. Any suggestions on what to do or how to handle this. Do I believe him or not. Any outside help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.