Story of a Girl
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2015-02-07 13:44:30 (UTC)

My mom on social media

I created my Facebook account in 2008, so I think that was the end of 4th grade or early 5th grade? I didn't really use my account until 2010-2011 when my classmates found out what Facebook was. My parents made their accounts during 8th grade... They sent me friend requests. I didn't want to be mean, so I added them. My father didn't do much but share his favorite songs. He didn't tag me in anything or comment on my stuff, thankfully. My mom was... a different story. She uploaded pictures every other hour & she'd tag me in every comment she made. Holy fuck. We got into an argument near the end of 8th grade where she asked me, "Why does your profile say you're looking for men?" "Because I'm straight...?" "But you're not looking for a boyfriend." (HUEHUE.) "I know, but... I'm a girl." So she kept going through my friends list & photos to see who I was friends with. I got fed up with her looking through my things, so I blocked her & made my friends list private so that only I could see it. I made everything else visible to selected friends.

She didn't comfront me about blocking her, & I didn't bring it up. I still have my dad added; the most he does it tag me in a status about where we are, but that's maybe once or twice a year? He doesn't spam me with notifications or anything.

OKAY, SO PRESENT DAY: My mom had a small business going on only during the winter, where she made & sold tamales, posole, champurrado, & atole. (Riley keeps laughing at me for having the stereotypical Mexican family that sometimes sells food on the parking lots of grocery stores. Come & say them in my face, [email protected] 1V1 FITE MEH.) But because it made good money, she decided to create a Facebook page for it... I don't know why she thought it was a good idea, but whatever. I wasn't gonna say anything. Just a few weeks ago, she added me on the facebook PROFILE for her business. I didn't want to accept her friend request because she'd look through my things but... EH. She'd often ask me, "Why haven't you accepted my friend request?" "Did you see that I sent you a friend request?" "Bianca, te envié una solicitud de amistad."


So I accepted her friend request & I'm kind of starting to regret it. She's tagged me in EVERY little thing. She posted a really embarrassing photo of me as a child & all my friends can see it... I think I wrote about Norma; I still have her as a friend on Facebook, & she LIKED the photo my mom posted. Oh my god. Four minutes ago, she tagged me in three comments & posted another two pictures.


I'm glad she hasn't added my other Facebook yet. I've got a bunch of things about El there & I really don't want her to see all that.

OH. Both my parents have Whatsapp, too. "Oooh, me enviaron algo en el 'Watzupp.'" Welp.

My mom is supposed to be coming over to my dad's house soon & I'm pretty sure she's going to ask me if I saw the posts she made.

This is why I don't like having them added on my accounts. But I don't want to be mean about it..

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