Story of a Girl
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2015-02-05 11:27:39 (UTC)

Stephen's a good friend

Some girl has been picking fun at me since the beginning of the year & I've gotten to a point where I can't stand it. Normally I ignore people but she's--impossible to ignore. I've never even spoken to her but she always has something to say about me. I was walking to class today but I took the abandoned short cut because all the other ways were crowded. And when I least expected it, she tried tackling me to the ground. I've got like super hearing or shit so I could hear her footsteps & I evaded whatever was behind me. The bell rang & I walked to class but she tried coming after me again. I was basically running to class with her behind me... I wasn't running away from the fight; I just wanted to get to class on time. My teacher stopped her & she told me she'd see me at lunch but I just ignored her.

So Stephen, Jocelyn, & I were walking down the stairs to the cafeteria when I see her, standing by the gate, taunting me. Oh heeeeeeeeell no! I dropped my backpack on the ground & ran after that girl. Stephen was running after me & people were starting to watch. He kept telling me to stop but I was determined to go after that girl. At one point he caught up to me & held me back but I broke lose & continued chasing after the girl. I've never really lost my cool but she was taunting me & it worked.

I did catch up to her, & I DID get a few punches & scratches in there, but Stephen caught up to me too & he held me back... The fucking girl kept running & I got pretty pissed. I'm surprised none of the hallway monitors say anything. Normally, they stop anything before a crowd forms.

So it's been 20 minutes & Stephen's been trying to calm me down; Jocelyn's busy playing with my hair.

It's so weird though. He keeps hugging me, as if I was about to jump off a cliff & he had saved me from doing it. And he keeps petting my hair & caressing my hand & THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?

Stephen's a good guy. He really is. Good friend.

And a thanks to Jocelyn for picking up my backpack & history textbook.

I just hope none of the officials saw me. I was wearing drillmasters & that's technically being in uniform... Fighting in uniform has one of the worst punishments in band. I'm hoping no one reports me to the director or else I'm fucked.

Even though the girl ticked me off, I'm still in a sort of good mood because VARSITY GAME & MY PARENTS ARE COMING & I GET TO WEAR FACE PAINT, YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY. I'm also starving because I didn't eat breakfast or dinner & my lunch was rushed. I don't get to eat until 3:35PM. Fuck.