always wth love

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2015-02-05 10:27:25 (UTC)

played by a jerk called ex ... and more bad news

hey today
isnt so perfect
my body was sick 4 a whole week cause
mother fuckin nature wanted to come
and around 5am id text my NOW ex
he just wanted someone to only attention so he only wanted sex
not love
anyway now im fuckin pissed bout it....
ive took the bus traffic was hella bad all morning i was late but not as late my teacher
so next tuesday my math teacher wont be here so ive 3hrs to kill with my other classes. i will still have go biology thou not bad
but thurs i will have class 4 both classes.
on after that i will have 2 exams on same damn day.

my church girl id text me today
i didnt feel like talkin her id felt bad id blowed up her phone ohhh well

im so confused miley cyrus & i dont care
might post tmw