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2015-02-05 06:54:39 (UTC)

V game tonight

The V game is today & I'm actually really pumped for it! I missed out on the varsity game last year so I'm hoping this one is gonna be good... These two schools kind of have bad blood, even though they don't like to admit it. At the last game we had, a fight broke out. At first it was a physical fight between two players & then the PARENTS got involved, then the COACHES & the audience too. It was fucking crazy & I'm hoping this game will be just like that.

My mom & dad might actually come & see us... Well, they're coming to "support" the band (i.e, me) because I told them we would be performing there against (possibly) the other school's band. I was able to convince my dad to take me to Party City where I bought some face paint--the colors representing my school. This game is kind of a big deal & I want to go all out. The band kids ALWAYS go all out. I tried the face paint last night & it's INCREDIBLY hard to remove it--I wrote an S on my hand & whaddya know, even after a shower, it's still here. "Wash with mild soap and warm water." I've spent like 15 minutes trying to wash all of it off & my face still looks black... Looks like I drew on myself with sharpie.

I wanted to decorate my instrument too but I don't have anything that's decorative... I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT SOMETHING AT THE STORE THOUGH & NOW I'M REGRETTING IT.

I remember Elías used to LOVE the V games. He was playing trombone for the varsity game last year & he had a bunch of decor on his instrument. He decorated himself for the game too by painting his entire face & even colouring his hair with blue spray paint that washes off. I remember teasing him before he left for thr game because he looked absolutely ridiculous with the hair & face paint, & his instrument looked so freaking weird... He was probably one of the most dedicated members of the band. Now that's he's graduated, Guy kind of replaced him, but Guy wants to play tenor sax instead of joining brass for the game... and we really, REALLY need brass for this game. WELP, THIS should be interesting.

I have sectionals today, which last until 3:30PM & our call time is 4. We leave at 4:30PM & we don't arrive back at our school until 8:30-9PMish... I'm basically spending my entire day at school. I'm not very happy about it, but whatever. I'm hoping my teachers don't leave any work because I won't have any time to work on it. I'm also hoping that I enjoy myself... It'll be the last game of the season if we lose this. I'm confident though; we've been undefeated this entire season! We've always lost the V game to THIS specific school but like I said, I'm feeling confident.

We got thiiiiisss.

Also, Renett was watching me write this because she's a nosey lil' bitch.

Renett: Ooooh the virgin game, sounds interesting.

Me: wut.

Renett: What do you, "wut?"

Me: I'm saying, what are you talking about?

Renett: The virgin game, the V game... Like v-card. Ya know, virgin card. And the company Virgin Mobile.

Me: NO, the VARSITY game. V game.

Renett: OHHH... I'm disappointed. I thought it was a sex story. Like a porno. I was hoping it'd be better than Fifty Shades of Gray. But nope. Disappointed.

Me: *sighs*

And because I'm kinda happy, I'm wearing sweats because I'm happy & comfy.

Let's go jaguars, let's go!

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