A lady in the crowd
2015-02-05 06:28:33 (UTC)

Wasted Love.


Watch as two lovers
Exchange vowels
Creating cheap compromises
Promises are easy to break

'It's always simple to do what's wrong
And it's extremely difficult to do what is right.

'Why must people cheat?
Filling up a heart with sentimental values
'Wasted love.

A cycle of lies to make their victims believe
Giving hope
An unbreakable agony of misery.

Why must feed lies for supper?
Whether they're white or black

Why do marriages lead to divorce?
How could loving someone too much be
An awful mistake?
You can say you love
Yet you don't
Because you don't destroy the ones you love.

Watch as a black witch
Stands near a dead hollow tree

"You're daughter will someday met a man just like yourself.
She'll suffer,
At last you'll see how it's like to break a dozen hearts!"

~Yours Truly,