The Rat

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2015-02-05 02:42:25 (UTC)


I miss your bad breath
How you acted like an animal
You remind me of a movie
I would love to crawl up inside you
Just be like a consciousness
Inside your body, well

You look so pretty
When you're pissing on my shoes
You always looked so pretty
When I apologized for you

I could tongue you
If I could stomach you
Or pass through you
I go on and on for you
On and on and off for you
I am getting off on you
I love you
But I don't like you

You always looked so pretty
Stumbling from bars
I always felt so shitty
Watching you puke beneath the stars

Sorry to make you feel down on yourself
Just want to know who's going down on you
Because you're a predator
the way you're sick
the way you say you're sorry so you don't look like a bitch

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