A lady in the crowd
2015-02-04 03:29:42 (UTC)

Shapeless Anger.

He laughs; his laughter is full and rich. Deeper and bolder than his speaking voice. I want to wrap myself in Sammy's laugh and wear it as a scarf. Despite not feeling well I still decided to go, because all is worth in order to see him. Theirs something about him that smooth's my worries away: making me feel tranquility. Every touch when he massages my back, helping me forget about the Worlds problems.

Dawn felt cold in Calexico, and I found my hands freezing as I held my bike handle. My eyes held deep eye circles from exhaustion. My skin pale and weary from another restless night. Each second ticked in slow motion, and anticipation rose making me wish this day would be over. I took a deep bite in my green apple. It was a good sour apple too,
picked by a mad woman on a full yellow moon.

I found myself feeling mad for no apparent reason. Our High Schools track team ran to Enrique Camarena. We ran 10 laps on the dirt hills near the fields of agriculture. My contempt only became stronger, my rage growing more powerful than before. How may one feel so much anger, and not have a motive behind it?

~Yours Truly,