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2015-02-03 10:59:17 (UTC)


"Call Off Your Ghost" by Dessa

February 3, 2015 Tuesday 10:00 AM

I was mad a couple hours ago because I didn't get much sleep. I fell asleep really late, maybe 2 AM, and then woke up at like six thirty. I stayed half asleep for like forty five minutes but it wasn't satisfying the way actual sleep is.

I couldn't actually fall back asleep because I was too worried about being tired at school, too worried about sleeping in late and missing class, too worried in general.

Anyway, so I fuckin' got up and got dressed, went downstairs and asked my dad for a ride since it's negative ten degrees outside. No way in hell I am walking to school in this kind of weather (never mind the fact that I have no choice but to walk home. still, walking in the cold is so much worse in the morning).

Naturally, I assumed that since we had a snow day yesterday, we would have a normal school day today. I was apparently wrong. My school district hates canceling or delaying, but I guess there was too much stuff to plow because we had a two hour delay. I WAS SO MAD, I COULD'VE SLEPT IN.

Also, I think maybe I should be a librarian. Yeah. My main interests are history and art. I'd love if I could just sit in a quiet library all day with high ceilings and bright lights. I could read and listen to my headphones, I could draw and think and stare out windows. God, it'd be lovely. Maybe I'm looking at it unrealistically.

I wouldn't mind majoring in history, though. Or maybe I should major in art and then take history on the side??? I know I'm only a sophomore but I am very worried about my future. Shit, gotta go, school is soon.