2013-04-28 02:04:16 (UTC)

This Night

I stayed for tutorials yesterday and today. I was almost out of this place. I would
graduate early if i finished and passed my final and last test on friday. It was six and
my teacher had left but told me to stay as long as i wanted to. the school custodians
would leave at 6:30 so i needed to leave before then. As i walked toward the office to
sign out. I noticed our principal light was still on. I knew who he was. 30 year old
hottie. 6 foot 4 tonned and massively built. My dad and him were very aquainted and were
becoming good freinds. I decided to say hi and walked toward his office. His face was down
looking at tons of papers. Hey! mr Jay. what are you doing here so late? he looked up and
glanced back down then ummediately looked back up. his eyes roamed down my body and then
up to my eyes. I was wearing a rather tight athletic shirt and its matching capris with
flip flops when id went to tutorials. He didnt respond to my question and again roamed my
body. I guess he liked what he saw when my nipples tightened. His stare was carnal and
sexy. His blue eyes fixed on my face and he quickly composed himself. you should be at
home, he said. He glanced down again at my body and lingered at my breast. no doubt seeing
my reaction. seeing his sudden sweat and how his he lowered his hand to his thigh and
discretely tried to readjust himself made my belly suddenly bloom and i grew wet. instead
of leaving, i moved inside and closed the door. i removed my back pack and sat down by the
corner of his desk. my big ass in full view to his eyes. I wanted him and from the looks
of it he wanted me too. I wasnt a virgin. that had happened a year ago. football player
and me. fast hard and painful. I didnt even get an orgasm. my second encounter with sex
would be with robert jay. the current high school principal. id wanted to try again
anyway, why not with someone with more experience. you should leave roza, he said. though
his body said otherwise. I dont want to I said. he looked away from me as let down my hair
from my ponytail and let it cascade to my back. i already knew he wanted me so i took the
leap. I stepped off the desk and moved behind it. before he had time to react. I pushed
him back and his chair hit the wall. i quickly stratled him and waited for his reaction.
his hands were on the hand rest not touching me. because of my petiteness I didnt reach
the floor. I could feel his erection just below my sex. I moved my knees so they were just
outside his thighs and grabbed his face in my hands. I looked him straight in the eyes and
said,"dont fight it. I want you."
I pulled his face toward mine and slowly kissed him. Af first I thought he wasn't going to kiss me back but after slowly licking his lips to let him know I wanted inside his mouth he relaxed and let me kiss him.