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2012-12-28 02:00:48 (UTC)


I cant believe my mom. I get she wants a hot bod husband but come on. Twenty-five...she's
crazy or she's good in bed. I sit in the back of the mini van that my "parents"
just purchased. My mom is thirty two and my new stepdad is twenty fucking five. You get
the memo; he's good looking and i still dont understand why the hell he married my mother.
It couldnt be money, my mother and i lived well but basically paycheck to paycheck. I
worked at a local fast food place in town and made minimum wage and my mother is a teller
at a bank. they met about five months ago in some bar in the near by town. He isnt really
rich but he's not poor either. I know that he inherited the construction agency that he
owns from his brother after he was in a car wreck. Its not that i dont like John, its just
too wierd to have someone so young marry the woman you call mom. "Where do you want eat honey?" my mom says.
"wherever you want babe." johns voice is soft. He never raises his voice for
anything. I happened to be at his office once and one of his employees had messed up big
time. He left the door wide open and had a very soft but firm conversation with his
employee. John doesnt need to yell to dominate in the room. I figured that out two weeks
after i met him. His presence in the room is known. He has a certain menace about him
whenever he enters a place.

I tune out my so called parents and play my mp3. We stop at a fast food place and my
mother orders for me without even asking me. We are really nothing like mother and
daughter. She is more like my overpertective best friend. I eat in silence as my mother
and stepdad talk about whatever they talk about. We finish and head out quickly toward the
new house we just moved into. My rooms in the attic. I love it. Its got its own personal
bathroom with shower and tub. I chose this room so i dont hear the love birds going at it
at night. I know its working because i dont hear one groan or moan the entire night when i

******************two weeks later******************************

Mom's lost alot of weight. She's alot taller than me so I can tell. She says it just her
diet but i know its something else. so today, she went to the doctor with John. they got
home late and John went upstairs quickly after supper. Mom asked me to stay for a bit
cause she wanted to talk. my stomach turned upside down. I knew something was wrong. She
sat across me looking down at her hands. She told me that night she was ill very ill. I
knew what she had. We'd lost my grandmother from the same disease. It could be cured but
mom told me it was inevitable now. she was too far into the disease to get cured. I spent
the days after that treating her like royalty. We stayed up and watched movies and talked
and talked. It was untill a week after she told me, that she explained why John had
married her because she knew his mother. my mother had told him about her situation after
they had met in that bar so many months ago. my mom wanted me to have a caretaker since i
was only seventeen. John and her had never had intimacy which explained why i never heard
them. Mom sometimes would get temporary boyfriends and well my room was next to hers. I
heard everything. We laughed so much after i told her that. She looked so frail and tired
the last week of her life. She died five weeks after her wedding. the last thing she told
me was that she loved me and John would take care of me. She fell asleep and didnt wake up
the next morning.

****************three month's later******************************

John and i had a normal routine now. i missed mom but it didnt hurt as much because i knew
she wasnt in pain. john would make toast and i would make eggs in the morning. we sat
across each other in the dining room table and chatted like good friends. John's actually
really nice and sweet. He takes good care of me and spoils me beyond belief. just
yesterday, i got home from work and found a beautiful red mustang outside our house. Mom
was right, john was a great care giver but not as a parent. he was more of a awesome
friend. I knew he took me shopping and bought me the car to get me to out the house and in
a lively routine after moms death. I didnt think of john as my mother's husband anymore
just a man that got stuck with a job for a few months. I would be eighteen in just five
months so he really didnt have to worry. For some strange reason i dreaded that day, maybe
because after that i was really on my own.

John left for work and i for school and we both arrived at four thirty on Monday,
Wednesdays and every other saturday. Today was Tuesday, and I had to work so i wouldnt get
home till about eleven. My routine at work and school was usual and fast. Tim, my manager,
told me to leave around seven so i headed for my car and noticed my ex-boyfriend on my

"hey jessa, what been doin?" Ryan was a pain in the ass and we'd broken up after
only two weeks of going out becuase he tried too push me to hard to have sex with him just
two months ago. We'd started out making out and feeling up but it felt too wrong when he
slid his hand down my pants.
"nothing much, i got to go, im in a hurry." He got off my hood and placed
himself infront of my door. "i fucked everything up between us didnt i?"
"not really ryan, i was in a bad place when what happened...happened. I shouldnt have
suggested going 'somewhere quiet'." he smirked. we had both made mistakes.
"i never really apologized for that so i wanted to ask you...if we could, you know,
start over as friends and see if we can go from there," he said.
"yeah...but lets just start by being friends alright?" Ryan grinned and gave me
a huge bear hug.
"Well i'll let you get goin." he walked away to his truck and drove off. I knew
what he was trying to do but id give the guy a chance.
I arrived home and placed my car inside the garage. Johns truck was there so i guessed he
was home. I walked inside to a very dark house which was odd. i could hear a thumping
upstairs in the second floor. John was probably beating the crap out of his punching bag.
i walked up the stairs and headed towards his room to ask what he wanted for dinner. the
light from his room was visible from the hallway and the tumbing didnt sound like the
punching bag. His door was wide open and i peeked in without thinking. John was sitting on
the floor naked; with his back to the closet door. His face was raised toward the sealing
and his hand was pumping his erection. His head banged up against the clopset door and
made the thump i had heard before. He moaned and his fist started to pump faster up and
down his shaft. I was mesmerized at his appearance and body. 6ft and some inches of light
taned muscles with a beautiful lond and thick manhood. my eyes glued to his cock filled
fist and i craved going to him and doing for him. i felt myself getting wet as i watched
him moan faster and faster and finally come. as he spurted my ringtone for my alarm rang
and his face found mine. He hurridly covered himself as i quickly moved down stairs and
headed straight for the kitchen to start dinner.

** Hope you like it so far**