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2012-09-16 01:52:27 (UTC)

Jack and Ana

I am in his class first period, he is the quarterback for our football team and I have
wanted him since the 3rd grade. He is so sexy and beautiful, six feet and four inches of
good muscle. I am a sports medicine trainer and kind of geek. Not a cheerleader, not an
athlete, not any one in particular in high school. He is my opposite and I know that there
is no way he will ever look at me. On Monday, my first period teacher will assign groups
and I hope he gets me as his partner.

MondayI sit next to him and notice that he doesn’t look at me. I can’t figure out why but
it’s very annoying. I am not that bad of a looking girl and I am at my weight so I am
not heavy. I have a cup breast but I have a good ass and wide hips. So, I don’t
understand why he is looking away. We are designated partners for our class project and
Ms. BEE states we need to get to work and start preparing. I pull out what we need and
finally he turns and looks at me. “So what do suggest we do?” he says. His voice is
strained and I notice he keeps looking me up and down. I tell him the easiest we could do
and he agrees. He paying a lot of attention to me, and I really don’t mind it. He’s
still tense and a little distant and it’s not till I accidentally drop my pencil that I
notice why. Our desk are very close to each other and the seat are conjoined to the desk
so when I leaned down to get my pencil my head comes very close to his hips and I notice
his bulge. I have seen cocks before in porn and some magazines but his looks huge. He
catches me looking at him and I flush quickly. I get my pencil and start to work. He
scoots closer to me and whispers in my ear, “I know you saw.” I swallow loudly and he
makes a sound that makes me quiver down south. He is still close to my ear and he moans
and says “It’s because of you.” The bell rings and I shoot up from my desk and head
for next period which by luck I don’t have with him.
I am heading to our gym by the football field and I notice he is with some friends ahead.
I make no sound as I walk and hope he doesn’t hear me. I have no experience with sex.
The only one is the one I have seen on porn and they are mostly all fake in reaction or so
I have heard. But all day I have been imagining him and me in all those positions and I am
wet as hell.
Practice is halfway through and I am in the trainer’s room cleaning up. I finish and
when I am about to head out I hear someone come in. Its Jack, he’s sweaty and smells of
axe. All the things I imagined come back at that moment and make me wet as can be. He sits
on one of the examining tables and looks at me.
“Do you need something Jack?” I say. I am about five feet from him. “Yeah, mom said
the doc just ordered me to be off for one week cause of my concussion so doc troy said to
come help you.” “well, I pretty much done and I don’t really need help so you can go
back outside” “I don’t want to” he says.
He comes and stands right in front of me and he lowers his face to mine. He kisses me
softly and slowly and I drop the rags I have in my hand and pull him down to kiss him
more. He is very tall and I am very short but it’s so sexy the way he kisses me. His
tongue feels heavenly as it creates a tempo with going in and out of my own. He pulls me
to his body as he kisses me and I grow wet as I feel his bulge on my stomach. He finally
releases my mouth and starts to kiss my neck and I am so lost and incoherent it is insane.
He’s holding my body and I feel like I burn where he touches me. His hands at my waste
make me feel so hot and womanly. I want him and I am scared because I do. His lips are
running up and down my neck and jaw and I feel so good and turned on. His hands start to
travel from my hips to my ass and he pulls me up and carries me to the high examining
tables and sits me down so that now we are almost at the same height. He pulls back and
his breathing is heavy like mine. “I want you really badly. You feel and taste better
than I thought.” He exhales. “But I know you probably haven’t had sex before so I
won’t push you.” He looks sincere and uncomfortable.” I will take making out to
nothing at all.”
“I don’t want to be inexperienced anymore” I say. I can’t believe I am saying this
but it’s the truth. I see his face harden. I wrap my legs around his hips and say.
“Can you teach me?” His face has different emotions fear, wanting, disbelief, worry.
“I don’t want to take advantage of you?” “You won’t, I want you too and I think
it’s time to know what sex feels like.” He groans and gyrates his hips against mine.
“We can’t do it here; someone could catch us.” He finally says. My body shivers with
anticipation and I grow wetter. “I have keys to the girls bathroom by the home side its
clean and no one will be able to see us if we go in there through the field doors.” He
starts kissing my jaw and moving his hips in a sexual fashion. It drives me crazy.
“Where are the keys, baby?” he whispers as he continues to kiss me on my neck. I am so
lost in his kisses that I don’t respond till he asks me again and bites my neck. I gasp
“In my…oh” he is putting pressure on my clit and I feel an orgasm coming. “Where
baby?” he keeps adding pressure with his bulge. “Oh…ah…in my pocket.” He gyrates
one more time and I come. “Ahhhhhhhh…………….”I moan. He slowly pulls back and
looks at me with an amused look. “Come” he pulls and I fall to the floor on my feet.
“Let’s go we will have more time if we leave now.” He grabs my hand and leads me to
the front gym doors, I feel sated and aroused. The view from the doors lets us see if
anyone is on the entire field but blocks us from the practice field. He walks with me down
the steps and heads for the girls restroom building on the left. He walks calmly and with
sleekness. We approach the door and he stands a foot behind me. I can feel him breathing
hard. I open the door with my key and walk in. He walks in too right behind me. As I am
closing the door with the key I suddenly feel his bulge on my backside. He pins me to the
door which I still haven’t closed and starts to kiss my neck again. “Finish locking up
baby,” he says. His hands are traveling inside my shirt and under my bra. He is moving
his hips against my ass and I feel his rock hard cock. He is ready and I feel like I am
too. His hands are massaging my small breast and squeezing my tight nipples. I can’t
concentrate. I finally lock up the door with the key and he stops. His face is next to
mine. “Are u ready?” He’s breathing heavily and I can tell he is worked up.
“yessssssss…..” His hands are still at my breast and he starts caressing and
squeezing when I say yes. He lets go of me and pulls at my shirt and tosses it at the
floor. My hands are on the bathroom door and he unsnaps my bra, he slowly drags each bra
strand to my palms and moves my hands from the wall. My bra falls to the ground and my
palms land on the door again. He kisses my neck than my spine and comes back to my neck
while carresing my breast. I am burning alive. I moan and rub my thighs for friction. He
slowly brings down his right hand and unbottons and unzips my capri's. His fingers find my
lips and he starts to rub them. I am beyond aroused and wet. "hmmm... your so wet baby!" I
release the door and bring my hands up to his neck. He's so tall I can barely reach.
"you're almost all bare ....hmmmmmmm....i love that," he grunts. I shaved my pussy two
nights to masturbate better. Its smooth and pretty and in his hand. oh! and his hand is
heaven! He finds my clit and massages it slowly while still kissing my neck and jaw and
moving his hips. I can feel myself building when suddenly he stops. He pulls his hands
from my capris and breast and turns me around. He gently pushes me on the wall and neels.
He takes of my shoes and socks then he pulls at my capris and panties. I step out of them
and try not to feel embarresed. I naked and he's dressed. "you are beautiful"he says. He
begins to kiss my belly botton and then a bit lower and lower and he reaches my pubic
hair. Their's barely any but he kisses it and with one hand on my hip and the other on the
back of my thigh. he lifts my leg and places it on his hunched shoulder. Then, he licks my
lips and i almost come. I moan as he splits my lips and finds my clit. He is amazing! I
build faster this time and I am about to come when I hear "Hey anastacia, you in there?"
Doc troy says. I freeze but Jack continues to lick and suck at me. "answer him baby." jack
whispers. " I'm in here!" "Have you seen Jack?" he asks. I tremble with excitement
as jack continues to suck on my clit. "make him go away baby." Jack whispers.
"Um....he...he said he was going to the school to finish some work for a teacher or
something." "okay well, have him help you when he gets back. I have to go pick up my son.
Alright?" "Okay." im about to come he needs to leave now! "Alright, I'll be back in an
hour." "oh.o...kay!" I hear him leave and i feel my orgasm take me. I'm moaning loudly and
i hope doc doesnt hear but jack puts his fingers in my mouth and i suck so i dont scream
as he continues to suck on me.

Jack stops when im limp and my hands are pushing him back from my pussy. " are
a treat baby." He rises and kisses me on the lips. I can taste myself in his mouth and i
love it. I want him even more and i know what to do next. I grab the hem of his shirt and
lift it up. he is beyond ripped. i kiss his nipples and sternum and then work my way down
to his six pack. i kiss every square and then i head lower. His cock is literaly making a
stand in his athletic shorts. He's looking down at me when i look up. "can i play with
your popsicle jack?" he moans and i pull down his shorts. His cock is big and beautiful
and i lick the precum like all those girls in those pornos. He lifts his eyes toward the
cealing and I lick the bottom and sides of his long shaft."ah baby...yeah just like that"
He is very big and i dont know how he will fit. I suck on him and only get about half of
him in my mouth. He is moaning softly and it makes me more than excited. "yeah ah...deeper
baby..ah" My nipples harden even more. I suck his shaft harder and get almost all of it to
the back of my throat. I do it several times and he continues moaning and moaning. I'm so
excited i feel liquid down my thigh and onto the floor. Just as he looks like he is about
to come he pulls his shaft from my mouth. "enough baby...enough." he gets down on his
knees and grabs his shirt and shorts. He lays them down on the cold white floor and gently
pushes me down. "you know what to expect baby?" he says."i've heard that its a bit of
pain." he splits my thighs and get between them. I am scared and excited but more excited
than scared. he slowly centers his cock at my pussy and i feel some pressure. He is
getting sweaty and i feel a little more pressure the more he moves in. "it gonna sting
baby... okay I got you." he moans a bit and then he pushes through. I gasp when i feel the
small tinge of pain. He groans loudly once he is seated inside me. His hand is on my face
his elbow by my head. "you okay?" it feels strange but not in a bad way. "im gonna move
tell me if it hurts." he moves his hips back and i feel pleasure as he moves back in. I
gasp in suprise and he stops. "NO!...dont stop." He moves slowly and I feel so good. I
wrap my ankles and he moves and grinds on me. In an out, in and out and then he grinds and
in and out faster and faster. It feels amazing and i discover how to move my muscles to
pull him further in me. He's moaning and so am I. He takes my lips as he begins to build
both or orgasms and I feel his sack hitting me and his cock pulsing and we both scream as
we come."Ah.ah. ah.ah...fuck!" He pushes in me once more and i feel his cum drip out of
me. He kisses me and kisses me as my pussy quivers on and on. he lays on me and then he
finally says "was that good baby?" he lifts his head and kisses my forhead and stares down
at me."Good? no...that was great." I say. He pulls out of me and stands. I lay there dazed
and completely out of it. He goes into one of the stalls and comes out with some toilet
paper. He gently opens my thighs and cleans me up. His face is hard as he does. "i didnt
use a condom." he says. "i'm on a pill" i say "to regulate my periods." He smiles. "Good i
dont want a baby at the moment." I lay there watching him as he goes and flushes the
remenents of my viginity and his cum down the toilet. I sit up and he watches me. "I like
you alot you know?". he says. NO i didnt but i guess i do now. he grabs my cloths and
brings them to me. I want you to be my girlfriend. " and i do too. "me too..." i say, "but
i think we should take it slow you know so that people can get used to the idea of us."
"yeah, so that people know that these..." he drags his hand over my breast "and this" he
drags his hand to my pussy. "are mine" he says. I quiver from head to toe as he inserts a
finger into my pussy. He pulls it out and tastes his own finger." taste good."
"we should get dressed we have some stuff to do" i say as i stand and begin to pull on my
clothes as he begins to to the same.
I stand infront of one of the sinks trying to adjust my just fucked hair into a decent
pony tail. Jack stands and watches me from the wall. he is so sexy and strong. I pull my
hair up and get it to an almost great condition and realize it is not going to get any
better. when i turn to jack, he looks lustful and hungry. He lifts his finger and mentions
me to go to him. His smirk is sexy and dark and sexy...hmm yummy. I go to him. He's hard
again. He lifts my chin and kisses me hard. "your mine." I'm dazed and all I say is
"yessss............" he turns and unlocks the key. I go out first making sure there is no
one around and then he comes out. I close the restroom and realize we just had sex in a
bathroom. Wow! and I lost my virginity in the most unlikely way. Jack holds my hand all
the way to the training room. by now every football player is gone and doc troy is sitting
in his office. He doesnt notice me or jack so we get to work and clean and get everything
ready for tomorrow.
throughout the entire time, jack looks at me again and again with lust and my body

In just twenty minutes we are finished with all our work and out the door. Ironically we
are parked right next to each other. My car is a black kia optima and his is a dark tinted
lexus. I stand by my car with jack and he turns me around. "Where are you going baby?" I
usually go work out at the local center in town and today i really dont want to. I want to
stay with jack all night but i know i should go because i usually meet Lisa(friend) there.
"I'm going to the tree grain center to work out"i say. "can I join you?" "lisa will be
there i say and i really dont want to share you with anyone yet" i say. just as the words
leave my lips my phone buzzes. I look down and there is a text from lisa. --cant make
workout today L.-- "Well i guess you can come with me" i say. He smirks. "I'll meet you

Jack watches me as i swim and workout for about an hour. His eyes never leaving me. I feel
his eyes every single minute. I am exhausted by the pool and he comes and lifts me up and
out "ready to get out?" he smiles. " going to take a shower okay?" "yeah...okay."
i head to the ladies shower and changing room as jack sits out on a bench outside. I find
my locker and quickly get my things and head to the farthest showerhead and close the
black door. I completely wash up my body and hair to remove all the clorine off my body.
Then i start washing my hair with my shampoo and slowly begin to rinse it through. Then
hands are on my hips, a hard naked body behind me. I gasp. "I want you again baby." jack's
voice makes me automatically wet. "we cant someone could hear us or catch us in here" he
grasps my breast in one hand and fingers my pussy with the other."Ryan just told me to
lock up for him. I work out some times and stay late. He lets me close for him alot of
times. We are the only two here baby...hmmmm..your wet and not because of the water." Ryan
is one of Jack's good friends and i remember now that he works here. My pussy convulses
around jacks finger and I moan. "hmmmmm.....jack!" I going to come from his fingering and
I do. "you like that baby, tell me how much you like it." I moan and say "yes...i love it
baby....hmmm I coming baby...ahhhh.." I go limp and jack kisses my neck. he places my
hands on the tile wall and pulls my ass towards him and then his cock is at my entrance.
He gently pushes in and we both groan from the sensation. He is so thick and long. I cant
hold my whimpers as he slowly works my body. "oh" "ah" "oh" "ah" "your so tiggghhhttt
baby" I moan and he pushes me on the wall entraping me with his body. He snakes his hand
to my clit. He rubs my clit in circles and I am close to the edge again. He picks up the
tempo and I we are both moaning and groaning and finally we both come loudly saying each
others names "Jaacckkk!" "Ana!" we are both breathing hard and we slip to the tile floor.
He is still inside me as we sit and make out. "you are insatiable baby" i say. He chuckles
"i've never wanted someone as much as i want you" he kisses my lips over and over. we sit
for a while talking and resting. "we should go its getting late and I have a cerfew." we
change and reluctunly close up and head to our cars. Jack again holds my hand and walks me
to my car. "I'll see you tomorrow baby" he kisses my lips softly. He pull back and says
"get in before i take you right here." I smile and grab his head and kiss him good and
hard. "I'll see you tommorrow baby" With that, i get in my car and head home.

Hope you enjoyed it,
this story isn't over just yet.
Your lover.