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2015-02-01 18:48:44 (UTC)

Right Between The Eyes

"You're The One That I Want" by Lo-Fang [another cover, this time of a Grease song]

February 1, 2015 Sunday 5:49 PM

I woke up really fucking depressed, so today has been all-in-all awful. I've just felt so bored with everything. I've started several books but I couldn't concentrate so I had to stop after a couple pages.

I've been doing art on and off all day, but it barely feels like I'm doing anything. Everything turns out really stupid looking because I can't concentrate. My mouth tastes horrible. My face looks awful (to be fair, it's not my face's fault, it's because I don't make myself look okay unless I have a reason). My dreams are haunting. I'm always tired. I'm always complaining and I have the worst possible personality that a single human being can have.

AND THEN, IT'S WORSE BECAUSE I HATE WHEN I COMPLAIN. I just feel really annoying and obnoxious and terrible today.

I have stuff to do

Art (oh my god ohmygod i'm so bad at art what the fuck they won't let me into the school)

Cleaning (ugh my room is so messy and i need to do laundry so ill have clothes to wear to school. I'm supposed to clean the bathroom and myself and whatever the fuck else)

And... I guess that's actually it.

It seems like a lot to me, though. I'm really lazy. This is horrible.

I don't want to touch or be touched, I don't want to speak, I just want to stop existing until this feeling passes. So now is when time decides to be real slow, eh?

Alright. I half hope no on cares enough to read this because it's just my stupid complaining about nothing. I have an urge to stab myself right between the eyes.

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