the inner workings of my sick and twiste
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2001-10-10 18:55:27 (UTC)

Wednesday October 10, 2001

well, to start i would like to welcome you all to the inner
workings of my sick and twisted mind. remember, these are
only my personal thoughts. if you don't agre with me, fuck
off. i could care less what you think. after all, you are
choosing to read this. now, where to start?
i suppose today is going to be another uneventful one, once
again the search for a job leading me no where. perhaps all
the imcompetant people out there who have their jobs
because mommy and daddy got it for them are the cause of my
demise. how i would love to hurt them. but alas, the law
forbids such hostile action. oh well, for now i sit in my
own anger until i find something that can pay the bills.

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